Assessment results

I have just received my portfolio back from my assessment for this unit, and that has reminded me to post about the results of the assessment. My intention is that it would be useful for future students who might read this blog to see not only the work, but also the feedback it received from the assessors. I was very pleased to achieve 68 as my assessment mark with the marks spread evenly across all the assessment criteria. This is far better than I had hoped for because I did not think my final assignments were strong. The assessors feedback was:

Your work has demonstrated your very good ability to use a wide variety of materials and sculptural processes throughout the unit. Your outcomes toward the end of this unit have become slightly too representative of your research, moving forward try to seize the successes you achieved through your tactile use of materials as in your Eva Hesse inspired large sculpture and drawings. You have made an excellent amount of research into your themes for sculpture and then discovering artists that influence your outcomes, build on your contextual research as you move onto level 2. Developing your questioning skills in relation to this research will help you to focus your ideas in the development of more work and eventual essays required for your next level of study.

As part of my submission, I sent in a single small sculpture composed of paper disks. I wanted to submit some physical work and selected this for its playful nature and its postability. When I accessed the OCA site this week to check something, I was surprised and delighted to find my photo of it headlining the site (the site has now already been updated with new work).

I have now started my Year 2 studies with OCA with Drawing 2. My learning log for this next course is at



About starrybird

I am mature student studying art with The Open College of the Arts. My passion is printmaking.
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7 Responses to Assessment results

  1. renatje says:

    Hi Steve,
    thank you for sharing your work and results! I am now back on Sculpture 1 after a long break and find it very helpful.
    Good luck with your further studies. (I already bookmarked your D2 blog.)


  2. renatje says:

    P.S. Forgot to say that I really like your sculpture work!


  3. starrybird says:

    Whoops! glad that you find the blog useful. All the very best.


  4. renatje says:

    Thank you!


  5. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful work, and thank you for sharing with fellow and potential students.

    So you are studying Drawing, Sculpture, and Printmaking? Are you pursuing the Fine Art or Creative Arts degree? I’m interested in a few areas (Textiles, Sculpture, and others) and having a hard time choosing what to study.


    • starrybird says:

      Deeply flattered that you think the work is valid. I think sharing is really important. We all learn from each other. I am not eligible for the FA degree, sadly, so CA for me. I love process but the process, be it sculpture, knitting or photography, has to fit the idea, and I am happy with them all, but still think of myself as a printmaker.


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