Preparation for Assignment 5

As a first step for my final assignment, I have reviewed my work throughout the course and considered processes and ideas which I would like to develop.

In the earlier parts of the course, I felt that my ideas were often driven by the media for that section of the course. In this final part, I want my use of materials to be a direct response to the ideas. Taking on board my tutor’s comments, I also want to concentrate on ideas which have a personal significance and try to bring that out in the work. I need to try and provoke a response to my work from an observer.

Looking back, I feel my strongest work was often the simplest.

Subjects which I touched on in earlier work but which I could develop further are an animal skull hybrid/plague doctor mask and private, internal, hidden spaces. I have also made a list of personal passions and concerns and also topical events which have provoked a strong emotional response in me. I have made a list of these in my sketchbook, and, following my tutors suggestion started to mind map around the ideas. I have used my sketchbook to work around a topic.

The first idea I have looked at is the ‘plague doctor’ mask. Working in clay, I modelled a hybrid human/animal fanciful skull which was reminiscent of the plaque doctor masks of the 16th century.  I have decided to look at this but also masks in general.

plague doctorskull-3

My thinking about private, secret spaces had not progress very far when Christmas arrived with a series of family events. Over the season, we gained a new member of the family, lost another and can see one gradually fading away from us. This has made me think very deeply about the bonds that hold a family together and the changing nature of family and relationships. I have therefore decided, although it does not arise out of previous projects, to consider this as a subject for sculpture. The requirement for personal significance could not be more closely met.



About starrybird

I am mature student studying art with The Open College of the Arts. My passion is printmaking.
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