Part 1 – Reflection, Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I have had to learn new technical skills for this course such as using a pillar drill, counter-sinking screws and drawing wire. I have been very lucky to live in a home where we are all constantly making things and where, if someone doesn’t know how to do a task, there is usually someone who does. My husband has been unfailingly helpful and patient about showing me how to do something for myself rather than just taking it off me.

I have tried to use, or at least experiment with, a variety of hard and soft materials and to think about how they might work together. I haven’t bought any materials so far, preferring to look at those available to me in the garage, workshop and local recycling options. This has brought extra character to the work.

‘Demonstration of visual skills’ is very difficult to be objective about. I suspect we all think we have great visual skills.  All I can say is that I have tried to consider the effect of colour, texture and relative positioning of surfaces. Shadow is also important and this was a much greater feature of the second piece than the first.

Quality of outcome

Objectivity is also difficult here. I believe that the low relief sculpture is much better than the open space sculpture and it seems to speak to people on a level which surprises me. I think the concept of the second piece was much better considered but the execution was not as successful. Scale was an issue; I think this idea would have been much better executed on a scale which better involved the viewer. The internal object would, ideally be at least 5 foot, so my piece would be a small maquette

Demonstration of creativity

The two works produced are completely different and whilst I have drawn on the research material and been inspired by specific works, hopefully, I have created something quite different.  Experimentation is, for me, the fun in creating. I enjoyed playing around with the materials I had assembled, developing my ideas, and in the second sculpture, I experimented to a much greater extent with a variety of materials, I believe, to good effect.


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading around the subject, particularly ‘Sculpture Now’ by Anna Moszynska, Thames and Hudson, and ‘Sculpture Since 1945’ by Andrew Causey, Oxford History of Art. I am drawn to contemporary sculpture much more than I would have imagined. The internet has proved  valuable for finding new works and I am building up a reference resource using Pinterest. These researches had a real impact on the two projects.


About starrybird

I am mature student studying art with The Open College of the Arts. My passion is printmaking.
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